Hot Yoga Benefits

Hot yoga benefits your body by being performed within a heated environment. In fact, hot yoga is really a broad term referring to any form of yoga practiced in this manner. Hot yoga benefits your body because it assists your body in sweating out toxins while allowing you, the practitioner, to safely come deeper into asanas (poses or stretches). The room heat for a hot yoga session stretches from approximately 85 to 105 degrees (F). Humidity usually extends from 40% to 60%.

Hot yoga benefits your body and mind by means of meditation and works exceedingly well to achieve harmony helping the mind act in synchronization with the body. By performing hot yoga you engage your body in focused deep breathing using heat to sweat out and detoxify impurities from the body. The direct result is the removal of anxiety, toxins and the additional benefits of weight loss.

The heat accomplishes more than make anyone who enters the room sweat.

The heat and humidity make it so that your lungs only work at 50%, pushing your lungs and heart to work harder, strengthening your organs. With this, the body uses the oxygen more efficiently and allows your internal organs to breathe. It is claimed that the organs are in a sense, purified. Toxins are pushed out of your internal organs and through your sweat making your body healthier. The added sweat and heat makes your muscles more limber, allowing them to achieve deeper stretching and avoid injury.

If you’re looking to take your yoga practice or fitness training to a whole new dimension, and you enjoy a challenge that will ultimately lead you to reap the many benefits of this unique and rewarding activity, then hot yoga is for you

Claire Dunphy of Breeze: The Urban Yoga Company