Intro to Meditation Workshop

November 16th at 5pm

Meditation workshop for busy people. If you’ve tried meditating but had little success in sticking with it or wonder what technique to use, please consider joining this workshop to learn about the different ways to access a meditative state. Jennifer will present traditional techniques practiced in monasteries, like mindfulness and mantra as well as more flexible techniques that shape to fit where we are. Allow Jennifer to guide you through the realms so that you can find where you want to sit and stay, not because you should, but because you want to. Some movement will be done between techniques as well as breathwork to prepare for the sits. Please bring cushions or props for your comfort and a journal to take notes.

90 mins long
$30 per person

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M-F for the 10am class.
Babysitting will be available in the lobby for children while their parents are in class.

$2 drop in per child
Free with unlimited membership

How to prepare for your first yoga class

  • Be well hydrated, water, water, water
  • Have an open mind, no expectations
  • Wear workout clothes that allow free movement
  • Bring signed waiver with you
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts
  • Remember that everyone started as a beginner
  • Have fun!

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10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga gives you the opportunity to try all of the styles we offer and experience all of our AMAZING instructors!

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